Monday, 30 March 2009

Infographical Artworks and Inspiration

I love the above image of A-Z design classics featured in Square magazine.

Brahm:Opera North

I am a fan of how Brahm use a variety of type and image in their designs produced.

I am inspired by the strong images used and the factual type over laying the imagery. The point and reason is clearly portrayed in the designs in a simplistic yet effective ansd stylish way.

There are many designs available by a number of designs who also utilise this design idea.

Brahm:Republic Design

These designs from Leeds based design company, Brahm use photography and sharp graphic styling to donate the type of brand Republic is. The designs are aimed towards a target audience similar to the target audience I am aiming for in this breif! The atitude of the brand is captured through the visually engaging campaign posters.

Brahm, a Leeds, UK based independant communications agency, have a wide client list including Metro (West Yorkshire).A popular and exciting piece of Information Desgin.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

NHS Shock Factor Advert Campaigns.

No doubt you have seen one or more of these shocking adverts produced by the National Health Service, to raise awareness into a number of NHS related issues and problems.

Click HERE and HERE to view some television advertisments from the NHS.

The displayed advertisements are shocking and thought provoking, they capture the target audience making them think strongly about the factual information on the designs. The ads feature strong images with hard factual text making a good combination to combat the audience.

Target Audience: Relationship with the Product Artwork

The target audience started their relationship with the final artwork upon first viewing of the piece. They interacted with the design through thought provoked and developing a visual awareness of the artwork. It is a first time viewing and use of the artwork, and is interacted with on a daily basis.

The Unique Selling Point is a major factor contributing to the relationship with the consumer, this is due to the research conducted towards the target audience, therefore leading to the audience enjoying and relating to the design artwork.

Target Audience: Leisure Details

The target audience will be included in one or all of the following leisure activities:
  • Music Gigs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Social Event's
  • Fan Clubs
  • Meal's Out
  • Hobbies
The leisure activities selected above will cost no more than £50, at the maximum. The above activites will take place at least once a month; ths social events and sporting activities will take place on a more regular basis, probably at least twice a week.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Income Details of the Target Audience

Potentially the target audience could be employed in any career or job path, and earning between £9,000 to £30, 000.

Depending on the earnings of the target audience, the income tax for them is the basic rate of 22% taxable amount off the income.

Any amount between £0 and £300 would get spent on household bills, the target audience may own no or more credit card, probably owning no more than 5 at the maximum. With a disposable income ranging from £0 upwards, this being spent on luxuries and extras such as, gym membership, club cards, shopping for luxury items including fashion and electronic goods, socialising and other activities and hobbies.

Demographic Details of the Target Audience.

Continuing with information and details surrounding the target audience, I will look into where the target audience will live and in what kind of accommodation etc.

The Target Audience live in the UK. In and around Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

The style of accommodation lived in by these people will be houses, flats or appartments.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Target Audience Profiling

In relation to the brief the target audience will fit the following factors.
SEX: Male and Female
AGE GROUP: 18 - 25 year olds.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single/Married/Married with children/Co Habiting/Co Habiting with children/Female single aprent/Male single parent/ Divorced/Hetrosexual/Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual.
(All of the above.)

Alfred Hon Lum: Graphic and Media Design

A number of university and college institution's offer Information Design as a specific course area of study. Below are example's of current graphic styling's from some of the institutions.

Recent design's by BA Hons student, Alfred Hon Lum, for London College of Communication.
A collection of his inforgraphical work, documenting a research project on what is in student's wallets.

Graphic Information Design at the University of Westminster.
Design showing the mapping of communication links.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

How Obama reinvented Campaign finance.

A very recent infographical campaign design by XPLANE, detailing president Obamas effective way's to raise money through the power of the American people.
The successful ad ad campaign has been universally viewed via the web and publications, over 11,000 times in over 100 countries. It uses typography and images, created with few colours in neutral tones.

Semiotically Speaking.

A collection of visual representations, grouped together to depict a meaning for the subject at hand.

The images on their own have a individual meaning, as well as when they are grouped together.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Brand Promise: Client

The brand promise based upon the client, SKAGGS, the design agency. Promising to deliver a successful brand, (in this case artwork), through building an understanding of the brief through the client-customer relationship.

'With a formidable understanding of the relationship between our clients, their brands and their consumers, we have developed a process that successfully serves the ever-evolving brand/client/consumer/changes......

Attract. Engage. Evolve.'

Design Agency, SKAGGS.

Unique Selling Point.

From using a range of multi-media idea's throughout the research stages,
the Unique Selling Point will be the individuality and approach taken
toward's meeting the given brief, along with the final artwork being created appropriately
in order to target the audience effectively.

'We're more than just designers.
We're more than just copy-writers,
or strategists,
or even graphic experts.
And we're certainly not another agancy that says
to a bad idea just for the money.'

Design Agency, SKAGGS.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Project continuation....

Ok, so as I'm happily continuing with the brief i stumbled across this Boy Kill Boy music video, for the song Suzie. This i find is very relevant and inspiring due to the use of numbers and drawings throughout the video.

I can relate it to my current work on this project. I like the idea of using numbers and dots in repetitive ways.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Attract. Engage. Evolve.

In order to continue with the brief at hand, I have researched a number of design agency's which i will 'use' as clientele when designing the Infographical artwork for.

I will be looking at SKAGGS, 'a creative powerhouse', located in New York and San Francisco.

I found some of there recent work very inspiring and relevant to the design brief i am currently working with! Take a look for yourself:
Water, Water Everywhere!
Brooklyn Public Library.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

100 people a year choke to death on ball point pens!

Summary of Brief.

Following research into published design works, (specialising in the Information Design area), I will follow the brief, aiming to produce an A2 in size poster, taking and attractive form as an Information Design lead artwork.

The final artwork will illustrate, excite and inform the target audience, (18 to 25 year old’s) of the chosen factual data: ‘100 people a year choke to death on ball point pen’s’. The artwork must be a reflection of my finding’s and creativity as a young designer and ‘visual problem solver’.

Friday, 27 February 2009


Initial idea's and mood boarding surrounding the brief based on, Information Design, and the idea to visually represent one of three random facts:

1. The typical person breathes 370,000 cubic meters of air in their lifetime.
2. Half of those who are killed by bombs are the people who were trying to make or set the bombs [off].

Attracted by the graphic style used to create the UK!

More to follow....

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The beginning....

A visual display of quantitive information!
''Clutter is a failure of design,
not an attribute of information''

-Edward Tufte

Let's call it INFOGRAPHICS

....more to follow!!

Maps, Graphs and Charts.